This symposium on ecological transition and law is open to all contributions from the different branches of law or humanist legal disciplines. In addition to offering interpretative and applicative solutions to current legislation, proposals can be made to prevent, regulate and, where appropriate, repair and punish those behaviours and activities which may influence, in one way or another, the ecological transition.

Discussion topics:

  • Humanism, ecological transition and public law
  • Humanism, ecological transition and private law
  • Other legal issues linking Humanism and ecological transition.

Dr. Álvaro Mendo Estrella

Associate Professor of Criminal Law.
Director of the Legal Clinic of the UCAV.

Dr. Carmen Parra Rodríguez

Professor of International Law
Director UNESCO Chair in Peace, Solidarity and Intercultural Dialogue
Director of the Solidarity Economy Chair
Abat Oliba CEU University

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