The transition towards a productive model that allows the integral development of the individual in harmony with the environment is one of the greatest challenges that modern societies will need to respond to. Demography, energy efficiency, the consumption model, technological transformation, public policies and business ethics are some of the fields that require in-depth reflection in order to find the best solutions to these challenges.

Discussion topics:

  • Digital transformation, technology, sustainability and economy.
  • Environment and population as a productive and strategic factor
  • CSR, humanism, ecology and corporate governance.
  • The management of the commons: state or market?

Dr. Sergio Nañez

Coordinator Ávila Business School-Catholic University of Ávila
Professor of Economics and Business
DEKIS Research Group
His research focuses on the area of digital currencies, financial system/financial inclusion and tax incentives.

Dr. Olivier Dupourqué

PhD, Polytechnic School.
Director of the Institut Catholique de Rennes.
Associate Professor of Economics and Finance, IEP Paris

Dr. David Sanz Bas

Director of International Relations at the Catholic University of Avila and of the University Master's Degree in Internationalisation of Companies and Foreign Trade.

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